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Wildflower Pickin’

How many times a day do we think of things we want to do and don’t do it? Things that we’ll do •later• or •when we have the time• or •when we have more money• ? I stopped on the side of the road yesterday to pick flowers. I’ve wanted to that since I was… Continue reading Wildflower Pickin’

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DIY Mocha Chip Frappe at Home

No Starbucks, McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts in sight, but a frappe sounds like it would hit the spot right about now! Here’s my very simple recipe for an ultimate favorite. HOW IT CAME TO BE I had made myself an espresso at home a few weeks ago, in dire need for some yum-comfort. Somehow, I… Continue reading DIY Mocha Chip Frappe at Home

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Thanks, Lord!

Thanksgiving. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Hope your hearts are turned to what you have and not what you feel you’re missing out on. Today we’re gonna gather round the table and say what we’re thankful for. I’m going to tell you some things I’m extremely thankful for but I don’t mention enough! I am a… Continue reading Thanks, Lord!

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Rant on the State of Things for Emily

Originally posted on ForG-d:
Following FollowingafterJesus Emily’s journey and from what I’ve read of what she’s written so far, her latest title threw me off.  But it was a very clever hook with a challenge so here’s mine.   Reader, i’ve hooked you too so you are it.  What has our Lord blessed you with? I…

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“I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

I waited. And waited. And finally, he realized the depths of my affections for him. Being me, and maybe, being you, I suddenly want for him to know everything about me, even my weird quirks. I want to show him all the places I’ve ever been, even though many of them may seem small or… Continue reading “I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

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A Rant on the State of Things

Life is beautiful. I’m such a hopeless (but don’t want to be helped) romantic! I just love how God works in our lives when we let Him. Today is a GORGEOUS nearly-fall day…I could write sonnets and have a personal picnic. Why is it that God is so good and gives us such beauties and… Continue reading A Rant on the State of Things