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A Rant on the State of Things

Life is beautiful. I’m such a hopeless (but don’t want to be helped) romantic! I just love how God works in our lives when we let Him.

Today is a GORGEOUS nearly-fall day…I could write sonnets and have a personal picnic.

Why is it that God is so good and gives us such beauties and heavenly glimpses of love?

Why is it that in the states of brokeness we experience God gives us whole peace? Even if we have not the understanding of how?

He gives me a wonderfully sweet and warrior-hearted boyfriend, a dreary fall day, 4 little sisters I adore, a glorious mother and a courageous father, friends that love me, pumpkin lattes and pumpkin-chocolate-chip bread, His Word, a home to rest in, a new job, a computer, a past, a present and a future. 🙂 He’s an amazing Father when we let Him love us. He even gives me hot water to shower in and books to read and socks to wear! 😀 Ha, He’s just such a good God. What has He blessed you with?

Let’s rant about the joy-giving life of God. 😀


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