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“I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

I waited. And waited. And finally, he realized the depths of my affections for him. Being me, and maybe, being you, I suddenly want for him to know everything about me, even my weird quirks. I want to show him all the places I’ve ever been, even though many of them may seem small or of no significance to our relationship. I want him to meet all the people I know, even though I may not be close with all of them. I want him to have an inside view on all the events that took place in my individual life. I want him to see every day I see; taste the foods I love; and for him to enjoy the stories I enjoy and cherish the moments I cherish.

This may, upon first reading, appear to be the dialogue of an overly-emotionally-attached girl with her first boyfriend( I do have a tendency to smother the people I love, whether they be friends, family, or my boyfriend); or, it may appear to be what it is supposed to be; the dialogue of a person who understands that this is the ‘jealous’ love of God. Is He really so absurd as we sometimes presume? I mean, all He wants is what we want out of fellow humans we love. He wants our attention and affection. He wants to be a part of our lives. Is that really so much to ask? I know that I am not you. You have a different way of expressing your affection, possibly. But, whatever it may be – realize this; whatever it is that you call showing affection, that is what God wants of you. That is what he showers you with. It is not wrong for Him to want you to shower Him with affection. He showers you with His the moment you notice Him. Wow, He sure does! I just love our Lord God! 😀


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