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“I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

I waited. And waited. And finally, he realized the depths of my affections for him. Being me, and maybe, being you, I suddenly want for him to know everything about me, even my weird quirks. I want to show him all the places I’ve ever been, even though many of them may seem small or… Continue reading “I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

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A Heart for Hope….A Soul for Strength

Amy Carmichael spoke of praising when we cannot see through the trouble… What is trouble? Is it our sin? Is it loss? Is it wrongs done against us? Is it more costs than gifts received? Yes, it is all these. Trouble is the thing we think of when we hear encouraging words spoken or another’s… Continue reading A Heart for Hope….A Soul for Strength

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Policy – A Story Lost

A small village town – the farmers walk around and carry their tools on their backs. Little boys and little girls follow the fathers and mothers about the busy village. Women clutch their babies near their chests with their bright cloths wrapped tight around them. I take a deep breath and I feel the spot… Continue reading Policy – A Story Lost

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Self-Control….and why did she pick me?

When I was 10 years old I was in a play called “Passport to the World” it was my first play aside from the Christmas nativity story every Church kid has ever been in. 🙂 We had to draw Chinese characters for the fruits of the Spirit. I always wondered if Karla (the director) had… Continue reading Self-Control….and why did she pick me?

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Knock On Wood…bang, bang, bang – But Here’s the Plan :)

So, 10 to 1 whenever I ‘make plans’ God reveals His ways aren’t my ways and His thoughts aren’t my thoughts. I’m sure you’ve had it happen too. 🙂 And for the record, I don’t mind. Really and truly, I’m just glad my Big Daddy cares that much about me to keep me from making… Continue reading Knock On Wood…bang, bang, bang – But Here’s the Plan 🙂

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Again, I Implore You

Encouraging you here is Emily Ciszewski – asking you to sponsor a child in the name of Jesus! Here’s the link to my Compassion page; Trust me, if you sponsor a child, you will be rewarded all year long with the sweet reminder that you are affecting the life of a child for good!… Continue reading Again, I Implore You