Personal Life


Isn’t it amazing how many events take place in a small space of time? People make life amazing. Life is good, oh so good. At times it is absolutely dreadful and I want no part of it. But look at the joy we can live in on a day to day basis. The Lord gives us such beautiful circumstances to grow in…it can be beautiful because of the raw innocence you have for it and the comfort or because it brings you to a challenge course that you are encouraged to conquer. There are many moments and years of my life, when, if I had had the choice, I would have altered them to my taste and expectations. Discomfort, loss, death, loneliness and insecurities seem hell-ordained rather than God-ordained in the midst of them; but amazingly enough, we know that they bring us to an intimacy with God that even angels have not experienced. Disappointing relationships and the brokenness of ourselves and others make us want to give up giving our utmost for His highest, but if we look back we see that they better our heart-vision on the world and the Word. God is amazing. How He weaves our lives into tapestries like Mother Teresa speaks of thrills me.

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