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Thanks, Lord!

Thanksgiving. 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving ya’ll! Hope your hearts are turned to what you have and not what you feel you’re missing out on. Today we’re gonna gather round the table and say what we’re thankful for. I’m going to tell you some things I’m extremely thankful for but I don’t mention enough! I am a… Continue reading Thanks, Lord!

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“I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

I waited. And waited. And finally, he realized the depths of my affections for him. Being me, and maybe, being you, I suddenly want for him to know everything about me, even my weird quirks. I want to show him all the places I’ve ever been, even though many of them may seem small or… Continue reading “I’m Gonna Smother You with My Me-ness!”

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A Rant on the State of Things

Life is beautiful. I’m such a hopeless (but don’t want to be helped) romantic! I just love how God works in our lives when we let Him. Today is a GORGEOUS nearly-fall day…I could write sonnets and have a personal picnic. Why is it that God is so good and gives us such beauties and… Continue reading A Rant on the State of Things

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Baptized In(to) Freedom

I got baptized yesterday in Bush Lake, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. One of the best days ever – right up there with the day I knew I had the Holy Spirit, the day I got my first little sister, and the day Micah Boyum asked me to date him. 😀 Life is beautiful.    Micah… Continue reading Baptized In(to) Freedom

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Good Mornings

Mornings…today is one of those beautiful rainy mornings. The kind I enjoy writing on…when I smell the rain that pattered on my roof and dream a little dramatically that something glorious will happen today. The kind of morning when breakfast matters to me, getting ‘ready’ is put on hold out of the idea that I… Continue reading Good Mornings

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A Heart for Hope….A Soul for Strength

Amy Carmichael spoke of praising when we cannot see through the trouble… What is trouble? Is it our sin? Is it loss? Is it wrongs done against us? Is it more costs than gifts received? Yes, it is all these. Trouble is the thing we think of when we hear encouraging words spoken or another’s… Continue reading A Heart for Hope….A Soul for Strength