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Rant on the State of Things for Emily

Mutual Jesus-blogger Mollie Bruno responded to my little challenge originally posted in and posted her ‘blessed’ list for this fall. Thought I’d put it out there for ya’ll to read and glean from! 🙂 Thanks Mollie! ❤



Following FollowingafterJesus Emily’s journey and from what I’ve read of what she’s written so far, her latest title threw me off.  But it was a very clever hook with a challenge so here’s mine.   Reader, i’ve hooked you too so you are it.  What has our Lord blessed you with?

I also feel blessed this turn to fall.  The sad close of summer and assurance it’ll be back.  The new crisp bite to the air, the desire for hot tea instead of something cold, and I saw a pumpkin at the grocery yesterday.

Although God blessed me with a warrior for God has well, and it amazes me how the brief time we had together was so powerful and loving and how if I dwell in a good memory of something he said or a moment we had it can sustain me through – well – anything.

What I have…

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