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DIY Mocha Chip Frappe at Home

No Starbucks, McDonalds or Dunkin’ Donuts in sight, but a frappe sounds like it would hit the spot right about now! Here’s my very simple recipe for an ultimate favorite.


I had made myself an espresso at home a few weeks ago, in dire need for some yum-comfort. Somehow, I managed to forget about it. Probably the phone, the mail or I got sucked into cleaning. The poor thing ended up getting cold, so I decided to make myself a new one. I’m not a re-heat your old coffee kind of gal. 🙂 So, I had a fun idea. I poured the cold latte into an ice cube tray, stuffed it into my freezer and forgot about it while I enjoyed my hot one. 

Until the day I was craving something smooth, creamy, cold, coffee-ee. Then I remembered those cubes.

So, here’s the simple breakdown;

  1. Give your cold coffee (or even better, espresso + milk), second life and pour it into an ice cube tray. Enough to fill your tray.
  2. When you get your craving, drop them in a blender or food processor and add about a 1/2 cup of milk to start.
  3. Add a couple Tablespoons of sweetened condensed milk, honey, sugar or a few drops of Stevia to the mix.
  4. Pulse till all cubes are broken into fine ice chunks. Add more milk if necessary.
  5. Taste it. If it needs more sweetener, add now.
  6. Stir in some mini chips. Or not, and instead, add some caramel topping or vanilla extract. I bet some real vanilla bean would be good. 🙂
  7. Pour it into a nice, tall glass, top with whipped cream (please, use the Extra Creamy stuff! It just makes it worth it!) and more mini chips.
  8. Settle down and put your feet up! Enjoy!


Make your own killer frappe and send me your feedback! I’d LOVE to hear what you think. Any questions? Let me know, I’d love to chat. 🙂 Share with me on facebook – later!








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