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Good Mornings

Mornings…today is one of those beautiful rainy mornings. The kind I enjoy writing on…when I smell the rain that pattered on my roof and dream a little dramatically that something glorious will happen today. The kind of morning when breakfast matters to me, getting ‘ready’ is put on hold out of the idea that I should be sleeping, and the family is watching a movie. It may be the coffee, but something’s got me wanting to go – like, get a move on and do something memorable…ah, it’s not the coffee. It’s just the way I am I suppose.

I am a dreamer…a visionary person. I love life but I hate the mundane because it’s way too easy to stay in a rut and lie there with my hands under my head looking at the clouds. I want to DO something. I am bored yet I don’t know how to change…waiting. That’s never fun. But, Lord, grant me the eyes that allow patient joy. 🙂

My life right now seems to have a lot of things very close at hand, but I am not yet sure about the reaching out and grabbing part. I see several beautiful items before me – but I don’t want to do any choosing. I want to enjoy them all. If I wait, just a bit longer, will I be able to see each one fall into it’s perfect place? Yet, I have a tendency to sit back and watch the clouds go by; so, perhaps, the items before me will do the exact same thing. Roll away…they roll away. I’ve noticed lately, that a lot of dreams roll back when the Father sends the wind again in your direction. It’s pretty precious actually, to see things that you ‘dreamt up’ years ago, come back to you – this time looking quite punctual in their unannounced timing… Do I make any sense? ha, I don’t really mind if I don’t. But I’m sure to a few this stands out as true in your current place. It’s not exactly that those dreams weren’t punctual when you first dreamed them – just that they didn’t make sense or something and you ignored them. Or maybe, some of them, were out of your reach for the moment and now have come back and are within reach. Maybe.

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