Personal Life

Homesick ~ Shall Not Have Peace – But Division

Jesus said He did not come to bring peace – but division. Division of the sheep and goats – the true followers and religious freaks.

Pain – pain at seeing all the world is doing wrong and ruining for themselves.

Homesick. That’s what I am – homesick for heaven. And there is nothing to replace home, that’s here on this earth. And so, I suppose with all the division going on, that just means that I am a true follower, starving for home. Little things can comfort, but true, everlasting peace is not happening within me right now; not because I haven’t achieved a ‘good standing’ with my Heavenly Father, but because I am here and He is there – meanwhile His son intercedes on our behalf brothers and sisters! We need not be homesick for ever, and there is comfort in that.

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