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Praise His Name – Some Vocal Encouragement

So many things seem like mountains that are impossible to move, when doors are closing or opportunities are lost, when relationships are confusing or restricted (such as family-missing sickness, like your’s truly is feeling), when you have no control over your feelings, when the task before you seems ironically over-the-top challenging, well all the signs and symptoms of the world make your tummy turn and yours eyes well up with tears, when the situation you’re in is breaking or threatening your comfort-zone, when you don’t have back-up from those you love and admire, when you lose a friend, when the way is unclear, when your emotions don’t line up with your convictions, when you feel guilty, when you’ve lost a loved one, when you’re feeling lonely, when you know the truth, when you know you’re lost, when you need Him – which is always; praise His name. My little sister Katie sings this song for that purpose.

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