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“It is far more abominable than for a wife to attempt to please her husband with an occasional smile when she lives only to please and gain the affections of another man…” – Charles Finney

Your 5 to 20 minutes or an hour of love is abominable to God if He knows your heart belongs to someone else. If your husband or wife did their duty and kissed you and told you they loved you, but was constantly on the lookout for and living for the ‘other’ of their dreams  – it  would sick you out. Do we think we can fool God? He wishes we were either hot or cold – it makes Him want to throw up, He knows our isolated acts of devotion! When it’s not the habit or state of our mind.

It is impossible for us not to be devoted to the object of our supreme affection.

Don’t be an uncommitted lover and tell God “God…I promise you 10 minutes of devotions today!” – You’re going along and you getta phone call from your friend, your unsaved friend who wants to play some tennis. You tell him, “Ahhhh….I gotta spend time with the Lord…”. Go spend time with him! Go spend that time serving God with hanging with your friend! Don’t go to play tennis – go to be a witness! Put down your Bible and prayer books and hymnals and go be a witness. Don’t ever promise God your time on the clock – promise Him your heart.

I encourage you to watch this video by Keith Green…Devotion or Devotions?

For the Kingdom,


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