Personal Life

Where I’m At…

So, remember I applied to Mercy in Action Midwife school? Well, I was accepted this summer while at camp. And now, tomorrow I’m heading to Idaho for a 3 month intensive schooling. Pretty excited here. :)I’m going out of state on my own for the first time – and flying on my own as another! It turns out that my plans changed again. 🙂 I never got my license, but I’m not going to stress about that now. I’ll get there one day.

Firsts of 2013:

at camp alone

away from home

doing the blob

getting a facebook

going out of state alone

out of the Midwest

buying textbooks


swing dancing

I’m learning, dear friends, that I am an extreme worrier. But I’m learning to trust and obey! More soon – love ya’ll!

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