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What A Cliche! but it’s so true….

soaring eagle
Test your wings….

It’s an old one. We’ve heard it a hundred times and it’s been applied to every young adult we know who is getting ready to ‘face the real world’ for the first time.

I’m getting ready to test my wings…well, not mine, the wings of God – and I plan on soaring like an eagle with Him.
I leave tomorrow for camp – and I’m not even driving there alone. But I am going to be leaving my family for 3 months…and I’m scared. A little nervous. Jittery. Anxious. Excited. Bombarded with a handful of insecurities. How much can a girl feel at once? Well, I’m feeling more than Bi-polar, I’ll tell you that! 😉 Isn’t wonderful that the God of the universe planned for me to go to camp tomorrow? That He knows it all well in advance (try before time!) and He is in control? My God is a pretty awesome God; can you say that about yours? I sure pray you have faith in the True God – either if you are a young adult or well travled and aged! 😀 He can be trusted and I am eager to see His trust-worthy nature proved again and again….

I’m growing up…and it’s exciting! 🙂

Thank you Jesus for being with me, I love you forever!
Until later,


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