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This is a Shout-Out to Jesus…because I love Him

Isn’t Jesus so lovely? He is the strength of my life. Without Him I could do nothing. Without His presence I cower in fear. Because I am weak and He is strong.
Picture yourself all alone in a dark wilderness…something roars up from the ground and red fire in the form of a dragon 10,000 times bigger than you raises himself over you and coils like a snake. Laughing in hideous hate and passion Satan looks you in the eye and you know how weak you are. You close your eyes and you remember; Jesus. You whisper, “Jesus…Jesus…” you cry louder with more hope you’ve ever known, because this is a true now-or-never. “Jesus! Jesus – my love! Come!” and what? He comes. He comes! His light – the force of all His power radiating all over you in warmth – the devil feels it and shrinks down. He cowers now. He hides. He runs for his very life. And Jesus takes you and wraps you in His arms, beneath the cover of His robe – and you without a doubt know, because you are experiencing the ultimate love of God, that you are eternally saved. Because He is our rescuer. Just thinking about Him makes me strong. I know I can forever trust Him, I lie in bed at night and the devil whispers fears. I say “Jesus.” and He is there with me. Do you know it? Speak – if you’ve never felt that, LORD! I pray you would. It is life. It is the hope of the nations. It is love eternal. It is safety and surety. It is beautiful and I can’t imagine life without Him. Amen? God gave this precious one so we could experience that awesome love. Greater than anything in the universe. He is so Holy and good. None can compare. LORD – bless us with your continual presence. You are forever with us – you are perfect Jesus. May your name be praised above all names, let us become less and less seen. Let your glory be seen. May you grow in the world – and let us disapear. Amen and amen. Come, Lord Jesus, come, my love. My rescuer. My Saviour. My joy and my life. You are beautiful Jesus – may your name be praised!

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