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Self-Control….and why did she pick me?

When I was 10 years old I was in a play called “Passport to the World” it was my first play aside from the Christmas nativity story every Church kid has ever been in. 🙂

We had to draw Chinese characters for the fruits of the Spirit. I always wondered if Karla (the director) had taken thought about which one she gave me. Because she gave me self-control.

Do you ever have to tune your passion? – steer them to the will of Jesus right-here-right-now? I do. Frequently. Daily.


Thoughts scurry ’round and ’round.

You think you understand God’s plan and then….boom! You remember that timing is also essential. And the correct direction is vital.

I know what God wants for my life. That’s easy. If you take the time to listen and read His word it’s clear to the even the least of us.

I also have a hundred ideas I’d love to pursue. A hundred visions flooding the landscape called “Passion Ground”. A hundred songs. A hundred places. A hundred children. A hundred to be rescued. A hundred thrills. A hundred pleasures. A hundred running-free-all-out days in an open field. A hundred arrows I want with all my might to release at once are bound in my shoulder bag…when can I release them Lord? For once I will be vunerable and open-ended with everyone, I need Jesus control. 🙂

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