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What is Passion?

Today I remember men and women who answer this question with their lives.

Keith Green

I long to be as vividly passionate at Keith Green.

Jim Elliot

I beg Jesus for the purity and raw love of Jim Elliot.


The humility and courage of Gladys Aylward is the cry of my heart.


The unmovable soul of William Tyndale, steady and founded in His God Almighty is what I long for!


And friends, my Joy would be overflowing if I had the willingness and child-like trust of Jackie Pullinger.


Passion? His name is Jesus. His ever-lasting, unchanging, beautiful, perfect, raw and real love and passion is what drives US to passion. Because a passionatist loves company. I long to be a sword of the Lord. To destroy the giants IN the hand of God. I long to be a follower who did more than sneak behind Him to see what He did – I want to be apart of what He does. And if we ask, we are going to be apart of what He does. Because He isn’t stingy and with-holding. He longs for us to experience His passion. It’s up to us to say “Here I am. Send me.”

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