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24 things that don’t make me special but make me feel it :)

A fun post – 🙂

1. Jesus is my daddy (and we’re best friends)

2. kissing babies

3. Square dancing is awesome (or Polish dancing or even doing the Cha-Cha Slide)

4. Mud (it’s beautiful, so I like to walk in it)

5. Arm wrestling and winning (when I was 11/12 I could beat every boy my age)

6. Journaling in windy fields

7. Filling journals (I’ve had more than 10 since I was 10 years old)

8. Sponsoring children – I’ve got one in Rwanda and two I write letters to

9. Showing off by eating hot things (I ate the hottest pepper in the world and didn’t even cry – I know, I know, I’m a little brag-bag)

10. Birth (I want to be a midwife)

11. My friends and family (I’ve got a ceiling full of pictures of them!)

12. Keith Green (a man after my own heart!)

13. Kids (I want 20 of them – or just give me an orphanage!)

14. Working out

15. My guitar – His name is Jabez, and no, it’s not because he brings my fingers pain!

16. Bookshops! (Owning one would be a dream come true!)

17. Village Creek Bible camp – I’m working there this summer – yipppee!

18. Musicals – They make my world a brighter place (especially My Fair Lady or Bing Crosby oldies)

19. Singing lullabies to little ones

20. YWAM, Ellerslie and Mercy in Action Midwife school (I can’t decide which one to go to or even if one of them is for me – so I’m gonna let Jesus surprise me!)

21. Pizza (Either making it or eating one out!)

22. Writing, telling or reading stories

23. Leg warmers – And I can make ’em too!

24. Blogging – it makes my heart happy!

2012-09-18 11.40.29

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