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The Right Dress

girl white dress field
I’ve come to the conclusion that if you give a girl the right dress, the right shoes (I suppose barefoot might be alright too), the right crown and the right Prince she could be happy for an eternity.

So, I suppose – when Jesus comes to fix the world He will wipe our little girl eyes dry and hand us our white dresses. He’ll smile and say “He’s your Knight in Shining Armor.” and point to the overly happy boy standing off to the side smiling in adoration and admiration.

Jesus made us girls to be loved. On that account I have no doubt at all. We were made to be honored and held. And though we girls truly get weary with the idea of being ‘an object’ to men, I believe we are most happy when we are loved by a man. After all, were we not made to live in love? Did God not make Eve to bring happiness to Adam? Was Eve not created to be happily loved?

As soon as we come back to the age of Honor and Love life will be good. The girls will all be Queens and the boys will be Kings. I truly believe God will make everything happily ever after – and that will be when we go back to simplicity. We wil all walk and talk with Jesus. We will all laugh and smile constantly (and no, no matter what you say I will not believe that would make you sick). We will all be happily in love forever with no divorce, pain, confusion or tears.

If only the old men would share their wisdom with their sons. The mothers with their daughters. Why did they ever stop telling good love stories? Why did we ever stop listening to their old tales? I could sit and listen for hours to those old men and women from two generations ago – stories of commitment and true love. If only – I just can’t wait till Jesus comes.

And all us girls will get the right dress.


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