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ain’t too cool


My blog obviously isn’t too cool. I need some followers. What should I write about? And I think I might scream if this post gets no replys.


I will.

3 thoughts on “ain’t too cool

  1. Hi Emily. Please don’t scream. In the first place I have a daughter named Emily, so that should warm you some. Secondly, may I encourage you by telling you that the fact that you believe in Jesus should place you above every circumstance in life. Literally. He knows you. He is aware of what you are writing, since I am sure you are doing it from the heart, and that’s enough for Him. It should be enough for you, too, even if you wrote for a hundred years and got not one ‘Like’. You are saved? Wow! Me, too! What an unmatched privilege! Beats all the Likes I could get in the world.

    1. How sweet – thank you for your encouragement friend! 🙂 I am warmed. And you’re right, I am in Christ and being in Christ is above being in bondage to sadness or ‘failure’. Thanks for the reminder, and thanks for the following! 🙂 I’ll be reading your blog now too. Thank you brother. May you be encouraged too.

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