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Sponsor a Child – Visit My Compassion Story Page!

Sponsoring Sibomana has been such a encouraging part of my life. Being apart of his life is pretty cool. I know that I have an impact in his life, but I’m not sure if he realizes the impact he is making in mine! 🙂 Our letter writing is my favorite part of the sponsorship. I love sending him pictures and drawings and stickers. I also write letters to other sponsored kids who don’t have letter writing sponsors.

Compassion was my #1 choice after all my research in sponsor programs. They have 4 stars with Charity Navigator – the highest rate so far to be given to any charity. The are very personal. When you call with any questions they are quick to answer – I even spoke with a previous sponsor child who is now a representative!

Sponsors are needed. Pray about it. 🙂 Go to My Compassion Page here!

– Em

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