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Hopes and Aspirations ~ (this is one i’m not going to over analyze while writing! :) )

830I just want to be free.
I want to ride the wings of the heavens – because Rachel Linde says that women shouldn’t walk ‘to and fro throughout the earth’ because it ‘reminds her of Satan in the book of Job’.
I want to smile with many people.
I want to hold the hand of my sweetheart, whenever he may come around.
I want to laugh with children of all ages. To see them relax and be at peace.
I want to urge a laboring woman on with smiles and words of affirmation that she most certainly is capable of delivering her own child. And then I want to catch that baby.
I want to travel Europe and I don’t care that it’s typical for teenage girls to say.
I want to hear my precious Lord’s voice over and over and over and still feel the sweetness and joy in it.
I want to rescue an orphan. Make that orphans.
I want to sing and strum.
I want to whisper happy thoughts.
I want to learn to french braid and when I do, I want to go to Ireland and buy a fisherman’s knit sweater and get stuck in the rain. πŸ™‚
I want to walk.
I want to understand each soul I encounter ever. I want to feel their feelings.
I want to touch a horse’s quivering muscles as it runs with full-fledged vigor.
I want to drink cocoa and read my Bible.
I want to sit in a tea shop in Metz and read a classic.
I want to take pictures of beauty and simplicity. Because they are the most precious things.
I want to hold a baby to my heart and lullaby him with old hymns. πŸ™‚
I want to meet people.
I want to grow in Jesus and let Him lead on because He does it most beautifully.
I want to…oh! I want to live. To experience life most fully in all it’s glories and splendors!
I want to view mysteries revealed and stories connected.
I want to see the lamb descend and call my name.
I want to be my Father’s precious daughter.
I want to be His little Humble.
I want to be His little Gracious.
I want to be His little Trusting and Honest.
I want to be putty in His hands. With each choice I make.
Because, somehow, it’s beautiful to let Him have His way.
I suppose because He invented beautiful, He knows it better than me.
I love to see His ideas fulfilled. He’s the most charming Lord. I long to be apart of His plans. His dreams. His hopes and aspirations.
Because He’s got such good ideas. Such great love for the people involved.
I feel privileged to see Him work His wonders.
And I want to be there for everything. I don’t want to miss a thing. Because what girl likes missing out? πŸ™‚

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