What Is the Meaning of Life? ~ Answer That if You Will!

I was on Yahoo! Answers today, and a question popped up asking “What is the meaning of life”. Okay – even for a Christian, you have to admit that takes some depth and time answer! But here’s what I said – comment please! Do you think I answered well? Would you have said more or less? How would you answer this cliche question?


I LOVE your question…ready for a beautiful story? I’ll let you know first off that I’m a Christian, okay? (And now – just for the few minutes it takes you to read this, I’m asking you to really THINK and ponder and search your heart. Just for a few minutes, okay? And, no, for all the judgmental people out there – I’m no ‘brainwasher’. I believe what I think it right and true and you have the right to believe what you think is ‘right’ and ‘true’.)

God was there.

(Yeah. You read that right. God was just there – he’s always been there….he doesn’t live in ‘time’. For right now, allow Him that – remember – he’s God and let’s just let Him do as He likes. Now we’ll get on with the story.)

God was there and He was lonely. He made angels – which are very cool and good. He loved His angels, but He wanted more friends – friends to talk to. Friends that would love Him and just hang out with Him. (Just like us – we all want friends who would love us!) So, He made a world for them, with a garden paradise to live in. He made animals and trees and insects and the sun and moon and stars. He made all the elements we need to live and survive in 7 days. (Remember, He’s God – and can do anything He wants to – people believe Harry Potter and Twilight – so just keep reading!) And then God made a man. And He and the man were friends! And then He made the man a wife – because the man was lonely because none of the animals were like him. God made a perfect world. And the people were happy and loved Him and He loved them. Great, huh? (Now, somewhere in here, one of the angels – his name was Lucifer – he decided he wanted to be God too. Which always happens – someone always gets jealous and then we have the villain of the story! Well, he defied God – his maker, and God kicked him out with 1/3 of the angels who followed this Lucifer. Lucifer’s new name became the Devil.)  Well, God made the man and woman with free choice and told them they could eat from any tree in the garden, from which grew beautifully abundant fruit. (And they didn’t eat meat – remember – it was a perfect world.) But there was one tree in the garden they couldn’t eat from – the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, God told them not to eat from this one tree. Or they would DIE. Well, the woman and the man were picking fruit when they saw a beautiful serpent. He beconed them to eat of the tree God had warned them against. The woman told the snake “God said if we eat this, we’ll die.” And the snake said – “Well, God lied – He just doesn’t want you to be like Him. You will be wise if you eat this fruit! You won’t die!” So, Adam and Eve ate of the fruit when they heard they would be like gods. And then – the world went wrong. Adam and Eve were no longer close with God. They couldn’t see Him anymore because they were no longer perfect like Him. So, as a sacrifice for the man and woman’s death – to take their place (because God couldn’t stand to just KILL his children!) God killed sheep for their clothing and sent them out of the garden. He gave them land to work and Eve gave birth to children they would raise. The world continued to go sour until God sent a Savior, His own Son born of a virgin. (remember, He’s God and if He just commands that a seed be in a woman it would happen!) – The savior was the guy Jesus everyone talks about. Jesus let the people He came to save kill Him, and then He rose again and told the world to believe in God. To love God and be loved by God and to love their neighbors like they would like to be loved. If the people would live this way, He would come back one day and destroy the Devil and all evil and make the world new.
The people still wait on God to come again – once and for all to make it a Happily Ever After.

And it’s all in our choices whether or not we each get a Happily Ever After.
Hope you consider this true story – and ask God if He would make Himself real to YOU as well!

(If you want the full version – read a KJV Bible – everything would make MUCH more sense if you would read that!)


And that’s what I told her.



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