Not Satisfied

I had my graduation party two days ago. It was beautiful – the decorations all put together and set-up by dear friends, the food prepared by family and more loving friends, the music and location fitting and welcoming, the people sweet and encouraging. It truly was a great day – and I know I’ll never forget it.

The only thing that bothered me was the one somewhat simple question I got from nearly everyone who walked through the door; “So, what are your plans?” – a simple, pretty innocent question, correct? Actually, no. At least not for the majority. For when I answered “Well, I’m planning on working at a Christian Bible Camp next year.” I would see an eyebrow raise and hear “What about college?” to which I would respond “I’m planning on going to a Bible school in Colorado called Ellerslie for 3 months in October 2013, but plans change sometimes and if God shows me something else then I’m going to do whatever He shows me.” (maybe a bit less rambled than that!). See, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with people asking about school. And there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with going to college or Bible school. See, the thing that bothers me is that not many people were satisified with hearing I was going to serve the Lord through serving others for a half a year before I even consider any further ‘education’. And like I told the guests at my party; my plans may change. I don’t even know yet if God wants me to go to Ellerslie next fall. I would be fine with going or not going. I simply want to go where He wants us to go. I’ll follow Jesus anywhere.

So, near the end of the day, I began to tell arriving guests mostly of my Camp plans and then, wherever God wants me to go after that, which might be Ellerslie and might not. Who knows except Him – I might get to go to Africa or China or some other field! I might find that God has plans for me to continue in here in my itty-bitty Iowa town. And that should satisfiy the well-meaning majority. I’ve yet to find a scripture that tells me that college is what you do after highschool.

Jesus is so awesome….I am so excited what God is going to do…I am not mad at the well-meaning guests at my party or other people I meet – actually, I’m excited to tell them about my following wherever He leads.  I am simply going to follow Jesus…and don’t worry – I think I’m going to learn a lot!



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