Compassion on the Multitude {Part 4 of 4} Through the Eyes of the Solitary

I was the child whose father left my mother when I was born. I was the child whose mother went to the clinic and found she was AIDS positive. I  watched my mother cry with her arms reaching out to me and her eyes staring at the ceiling of our mud hut as she was dying. I crawled into her arms and I begged her and begged her to live and not to go away. I felt her stroke my head and her tears fall on my cheeks and they mingled with mine. I said “Mother, mother I will take care of you! Please do not leave me!” but then I felt her body still against mine and crawled out of her arms and ran to the neighbor’s house. I was the child who was raped and hungry on the street, begging every passerby for work or food or money. I was the child who felt like a burden to my community. No one would invite me in. The people would see me and look on with disgust. I was the child nobody loved. Until now. Now I can go to school and to Church. They tell me Jesus loves me! I have food, I have a family with many brothers and sisters who were just like me and now are safe and happy! Because I have a sponsor…who prays for me and buys me clothes and books and writes letters to me! I write to my sponsor too! And I pray for my sponsor and thank God everyday for my sponsor, because now I am not lonely or scared or hungry. I have a sponsor!

Have you ever been in the place of this child? Imagine being utterly alone at the age of 5! These stories really are happening – children really do experience these things in countries all over the world! And by sponsoring a child through Compassion, which I’ve been urging you to do all month, can save a life for eternity. If you have questions about sponsorship shoot them in the comments box below, I want to do anything I can to help you begin a sponsorship! I pray God will make it possible for you…and remember, nothing is impossible with Christ.

Just ask Him.

Will you sponsor a child today?





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