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Compassion for the Multitude {Part 1 of 4}

I sponsor a child through Compassion International – and his name is Sibomana.

Last summer I prayed that God would help me to earn enough money to sponsor a child. On the last day of Strawberry picking (a summer job I’ve had for 3 years, what an Iowa thing, right?) I still didn’t have enough money. Being a teen, there wasn’t much I could do. I would apply for another job, but I don’t even have a car to drive to work. So, I just prayed. I prayed “God, please – I need to earn more money! I don’t have enough to sponsor a child yet. Please let Miss Lea call me today and ask me to babysit for a whole day!” (Miss Lea is my neighbor and asks me to babysit every couple of months) and I knew I still really needed another job besides, so I prayed for that too.

God is so good. He answers the prayers of the righteous.

I got home that afternoon and forgot, for a few minutes, my prayer. Then my mom tells me “Miss Lea called while you were gone – she wants to know if you’ll babysit most of the day tomorrow. She asked if you’d call her back soon.”. Did I call her back? You bet. But I’m not done yet.

So, after talking with Miss Lea, I got another phone call. My best friend Emily had done Strawberry picking as well, her dad was a ‘new farmer’ and needed help weeding their organic squash field. I know what you’re thinking; Well, of course your friend would offer you a job…that’s not really an answer from God.  Except I never told Emily about sponsoring a child. And when you know God’s answering…you just know.

So, after two more months or so of weeding that beautifully muddy squash field, I had four hundred and fifty six dollars. Enough to finally sponsor a child. I logged unto the Compassion Sponsor page right here;

and searched for hours for my child. ANYONE of those children that I looked at could’ve been mine…but I just prayed and prayed as I searched…and I can’t say that God said “He’s the one!” but I can say I had peace that any child I finally clicked on would be God’s will. And Sibomana was God’s will for me.

It is so exciting to sponsor a child! To recieve and send letters…to pray and be prayed for (his entire family prays daily for me! I am so unworthy! And so humbled!) and to know I can make a difference for one child in Rwanda Africa…but I wouldn’t have been able to do it without God…and I love that! It is so nice to be able to say “God gave me jobs!” and “It was God’s money.”

In case you haven’t figured it out, this is a post to get you to sponsor a child. My family sponsors 2 children, my little boy in Rwanda and a little girl in Kenya.

Compassion’s goal for September is to get 3,108 children their own personal sponsors. You can be apart of that! All it takes is a click to the link and less than five hundred dollars a year!

Compassion is a very secure Charity – I did so much research on whom I should sponsor through while I worked. Charity Navigator gives it a 4 star review – that’s the highest they have ever given any Charity! And Compassion over World Vision? World Vision has just as many stars, so the reason I chose Compassion? A great percent of the Compassion reviewers said they had much more personal relations through letters than World Vision sponsored children, and I wanted that personal relation with a child.

When you use my link to get to the sponsor page and then sponsor a child, you move me up on the list for Compassion’s Blogging Month prizes….and I’d love to be able to hear your story of sponsorship!

Please sponsor a child.

Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this; To visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction, and to keep himself unspotted from the world. ~ James 1:27

Jesus doesn’t just ask us to help – he requires it.

Pass this on through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest it – I’m praying God will use these 4 posts to sponsor literally thousands of children.

God bless!

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